In compliance with 34 CFR Sec. 668.6 (b) this disclosure is being published to students for their review

Program Disclosures:  Fiscal Year 2013-2014
Program Name:  ESOL – Level I – V
Credential:  Diploma
SOC Code:  not available
CIP Code:  13.1401


This program is designed to provide instruction to speakers of other languages. Program will provide students with enough communication skills to enable them to function successfully in the community by means of both theory and computerized language.  Training offered will include but will not be limited to the development of listening, reading, writing , speaking and cross cultural communication skills in both,Lecture and Computer Lab.

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Cost of Attending:

Additional Fees(Not included in tuition):

Nonrefundable Registration Fee $ 100*
Nonrefundable Application Fee $ 50*
Testing Fees –Entrance Exams $ 50**

*Per Level                    **Per Exam

Program Costs:

Tuition – Level I-V $ 6,550
(Tuition per Level) $ 1,200

Graduation Rate:   0%   No graduates 2013-2014
Placement Rate:    0%  No graduates 2013-2014
Median Loan Debt:  $_Not applicable