NURS-5001 Nursing and Childbearing Family

Nursing/Medical Websites

  • National Library of Medicine

Searchable database includes PubMed, which has abstracts only. Inter-library loan can obtain articles you find here that you need.

Strong searchable database with scholarly studies and articles, as well as patient information.

The Institute of Medicine undertakes studies to advise the US government on public policy in health care.

Searchable and browsable news, reports, and other information from AHRQ, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Consumer health library of Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Includes links to Web sites and electronic books (e-books) on women’s and children’s health

A-Z entries on conditions and diseases.


Specialized Statistical Websites

Federal government source for women’s health information
Includes links to fact sheets and other related websites

US government site with loads of health care info.
A-Z index on the top of the page may help you find a specific topic

US Census data from the year 2010.

Run by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Can easily run a state wide profile on selected health topics, also has a 50 state comparison tool.


International statistics

An interactive database bringing together core health statistics for all WHO Member States

Has links to worldwide demographic and social statistics on the left panel