Physical Therapist Assistant

In compliance with 34 CFR Sec. 668.6 (b) this disclosure is being published to students for their review

Program Disclosures:  Fiscal Year 2013-2014
Program Name:  Physical Therapist Assistant, AA
Credential:  Associate Degree
SOC Code:  31.2021
CIP Code:  51.0806


To provide quality education that prepares entry-level physical therapist assistants capable of providing safe, ethical, and effective physical therapy services under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist to help meet the healthcare needs of the community in a variety of clinical settings.

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Cost of Attending

Nonrefundable Registration Fee $ 100*
Nonrefundable Application Fee $ 50*
Testing Fees –Entrance Exams $ 50**

*Per Semester           **Per Exam


Program Costs:

Tuition – $ 38,850
Skills Lab Fees $ 500
Materials, Supplies and Other Costs $ 600
Totals $ 39,950

Books:  ( May be purchased through the school or any other vendor (must meet Syllabus specifications).
Graduation Rate:  This Program was not offered in 2013/2014
Placement Rate:   This Program was not offered in 2013/2014
Median Loan Debt:  This Program was not offered in 2013/2014